8 Types Of People Everyone Will Meet While Travelling!

We all have human nature to label people in different categories that is actually fun. Be it corporate camping tours, solo trips or trips with the closed ones, we meet people with varied nature. Sometimes we want to be friend with them other times we choose just to flee.

Here is a list of 8 types of people anyone can meet on the road trip, corporate camping tours or Eco trip.

The eager enthusiast: They love to be a part of everything that is presented to them. They dig up in the things and become a part of the history. The knowledge and stories are enough to bring up a smile on their faces and create glean in their eyes.

The miserable egotist: They are harmless, but can create a mess during corporate camping tours. You will often hear them saying “Well the place is good, but we could have chosen another place”. They love travelling with negative comments.

The irrationally irritated: Often people think miserable egotist and irrationally irritated are quite same. However, this irrationally irritated have power to irritate you more. They will complain and trust them, they mean it! They have a tendency to bring everyone down. The food is never good for them, it’s cloudy outside, the sun is burning or it’s raining, they can search the problem in each and every situation.

The Storyteller: These people are destination experts, who have seen wherever you go long time back. You might hear them hearing “this place has lost its beauty as they have ruined the trails” or “you should have come here before”.

The head turner: Apparently, many will feel jealous from the head turners. Even after the walk of 10km walk you will find them refreshing, clean shoes and wrinkle free clothes. Everyone wants to be like them, but don’t intimidate by them.

The newbie: this is one of the most interesting classifications of travellers. They are almost excited about everything they see, feel or eat. The newbie always remember the places they visit and the food they eat, for them everything is memorable.

The insulated traveller: If you are planning corporate camping tours, you will surely hate such travellers. They love to go to places, as far as no sacrifice is required. From luggage to the atmosphere, they want everything in control.

The adventurer: They are ready for everything, even if you will ask them to get up early in the morning when it’s freezing cold. However, the bad thing about such travellers is that they won’t allow you to gaze at the beauty or stick your feet in the sand for more than 5 minutes. They are fun loving but travelling with them can be really exhausting.

The final words: After reading this you will surely want to add few more classification. There is a lot of room to interpret, you can find many more types of traveller, and those can make or ruin your trip.

Vegas Travels: Locating the Best Grand Canyon Chopper, Plane Tours

Have you been thinking about touring the Grand Canyon? If so, then you should know that air tours are the best way to see the canyon and you can catch a Grand Canyon airplane from Vegas. You can choose from an airplane or helicopter tour, and then you get to add on fun extras. All you need to do is find the one that fits you.

Vegas Chopper Tours

Vegas is a special place to fly from, because it’s the only place where you can take a tour that lands inside the Grand Canyon National Park. For instance, one of the helicopter tours flies you down to the bottom of the canyon where you can enjoy a champagne picnic, and as you can imagine, this is a very popular tour. Your picnic is near the Colorado River, and since you’ll be so close, you can even add on a float tour, and if that’s not exciting enough, you could land on top of the rim instead and walk out on the famous Skywalk.

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is only 100 miles from Las Vegas, so all of the tour choppers that depart from Vegas go to the West Rim. The flight takes less than an hour, and you’ll see many spectacular sights, although none may be as exciting as the sights you’ll see when you step out over the canyon on the glass Skywalk. The steel and glass platform is 4000 feet above the bottom of the canyon, and you will get the sensation that you’re floating out above it.

If you don’t want to take a landing tour, you can take an air tour instead where you’ll still see all the important landmarks from the air. They are also less expensive than landing tours. As an added bonus, you’ll also get aerial views of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead since they are on the route between Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Basic And Deluxe Helicopter Tours

You have to decide if you want to book a basic or deluxe tour. One difference is the basic tours lift off from Boulder City, which is a 35 minute shuttle ride away from the Strip in Vegas. There’s a shuttle bus ride included with basic tickets. These tours are flown on Bell Ranger and AStar helicopters. There is nothing wrong with those helicopters, it’s just that they aren’t the best choice now for sightseeing.

The deluxe tours offer a better experience all around. The deluxe tours depart conveniently from the Vegas Strip and they come with complimentary limousine transportation to and from your hotel. EcoStar 130 helicopters are used, and the difference with these new helicopters is staggering. A big plus of this type of helicopter is the great views you’ll get from the huge windshield that wraps around the front of the aircraft. There is no better way to see the Grand Canyon from the air. Another plus is the big, comfy seats that are situated so no one on the tour has an obstructed view. You won’t be disappointed in these deluxe Las Vegas helicopter tours.

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours

The airplane tours follow the same flight path as the helicopter tours, and they cost less too. The trade off is that the planes fly higher than choppers, so that can affect your view, plus the airplanes can’t descend into the canyon.

However, when money is a problem, then taking an airplane tour is a great way to see the canyon and not have to blow your budget. Also, airplane tours can accommodate up to 19 passengers which means that they’re perfect if you’re traveling with a larger group. These planes have a specially designed fuselage with oversized windows, providing spectacular views from inside. Although they can’t rival helicopters, they’re the next best thing.

Airplanes that depart from Las Vegas provide West Rim and South Rim tours, so that is beneficial if you want to tour the South Rim, North Rim, and eastern edge of the National Park.

You’ll Never Forget Your Tour Of American’s Wonder

You can see there are some fun options when it comes to choosing an unforgettable air tour of the Grand Canyon. The Vegas air tours are the best since they allow you to land at the canyon for a day of fun, but you can also choose an economical air-only tour if you’re short on time. Once you’ve decided on the tour you want to take, go ahead and book it in advance because Grand Canyon tours are so popular they fill up fast.

Spa Holiday in Europe- Vacationing in Style

A European holiday is one of those things everyone has on their bucket list. It is time to check that off with a luxury spa vacation. Relax and rejuvenate yourself in the best cities of the continent and see God’s creating at its very best. Also, witness the genius of mankind and bask in the happiness of experiencing the rich and varied art and culture. You could visit a single city or travel to multiple countries on the same trip. A luxury spa resort guarantees a comfortable say and makes the whole experience far more memorable.

What is your best reason to visit Europe? Which is your favourite European city? It is the romantic city of Paris or the fairy-tale town of Prague? Do you wish to experience the vintage beauty of Venice or party in the scenic Ibiza? Has the historical city of Rome fascinated you since your school days or is seeing the snow clad peaks of Alps the one thing you have always wanted? There are hundreds of reasons to visit Europe. But, how do you make your trip to Europe count?

To make the most out of your vacation in Europe, book a spa resort in your favourite European city. You could visit just one city at a time or choose to cover many countries depending on the duration of your vacation. If you have always wondered some people find history boring and if you are among the ones who think European history is one of the most enthralling topics ever, you will love your trip you Europe. Each city has its own story, an entrancing past, and a captivating appeal. Do not forget to carry your camera. You are going to want and capture the moments forever.

Go for a spa vacation in Europe if you wish to relax in the most picturesque locations of the world. It is not without reason the European landscapes are the most photographed, captured and filmed in the world. Europe strikes a perfect balance between past and present. You get the perfect mix of history and art, heritage and modernity. The cuisine is to die for and street shopping there is every shoppers dream. Enjoy the nightlife in Europe and come back to your luxury resort to relax with specialty spa therapies.

You could easily convert your Europe spa holiday into a detox and weight loss holiday. Your spa resort will take care of everything pertaining to that. You can enjoy all the activities and fun and some relaxing spa therapies would be waiting for you back at the hotel. Your entire itinerary will be planned once you select and book the package. Best deals on Europe spa holidays are available on the internet. Pick a yoga spa holiday or a single spa holiday or a romantic couple spa holiday in your favourite European town and let the tranquillity and beauty of the place blow you over. Travellers returning from a European holiday always promise to return back soon. Your stay at the best luxury spa resort in your favourite European destination is going to make you want to keep visiting again and again.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours’ Christmas Holiday Deals

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours, the leader in chopper flights from Las Vegas and South Rim, today cut prices on select tours for the 2015 Christmas Holidays.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas holiday special applies to the all-air tour departing from the nearby Boulder City Municipal terminal. The flight includes all taxes, fees, fuel surcharges and hotel transportation.

Like all Vegas tours, this particular one goes over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River before entering Grand Canyon airspace. The aircraft does a tour over the Canyon and then turns back for Vegas.

For travelers who have the budget, there are also a number of landing tours available. These trips go to the top, the bottom or both. The most popular one comes with a Champagne picnic. Many travelers extend it with a Colorado River boat ride and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The internationally famous Skywalk is an all-glass platform bridge that lets travelers walk some 70 feet over the edge of the Canyon’s West Rim. The structure, which cost more than $20 million to build, offers unobscured views of Eagle Point, Guano Point, the Canyon and the River.

South Rim

The 30-minute helicopter tour is on special at the Tusayan, AZ, location, which is where Grand Canyon National Park Airport is located. This tour goes from the South Rim to the North Rim and back via the Dragoon Corridor, the widest and deepest section of the Canyon.

Travelers are also urged to consider the 50-minute version of this tour, which does everything the 30-minute flight does plus the entire Canyon up to the East Rim. Once a guest has completed this ride, more than 75 percent of the National Park will have been experienced.

Types of Tours

There are deluxe and basic tours available at both locations. The basic tour uses older aircraft while the deluxe tour uses the modern EcoStar 130. The EcoStar is 25 percent larger than the older choppers and features a 180-degree windshield and stadium-style theater seats.

Travelers departing from Vegas who take a deluxe tour also get free limousine service to and from all Las Vegas Strip hotels. These tours also include an extended flight from the top of The Strip to the bottom before landing at the Las Vegas heli port.

The Christmas Holidays are exceptionally busy and thus it’s advised that travelers book their tours in advance and online in order to pick from the best tours at the lowest prices. Avoid purchasing helicopter tours with 24 hours of flight time as prices increase and availability becomes super limited.

Winter weather can be expected so travelers are urged to dress for the cold, especially if a landing tour is booked. Temperatures at the West Rim are similar to those of Las Vegas, while at the South Rim, which is at an elevation of 7,000 feet, it’s strongly advised to wear a medium-weight jacket, a hat, gloves and long pants.

Car Transportation to Canada

Due to the recession, thousands of families are moving from USA to Canada to find jobs or they have to move because their jobs are relocated. The trend of moving jobs to Canada is increasing with time and many businesses have either moved or extended their business to the neighboring country. With extension in companies to new places, they like some of their senior staff to take responsibilities in new branch offices so many experience staff members have to move. It is very clear that the process of relocation is not something that everyone likes because it is difficult to change residence and everything else. The most difficult part of shipping is the transportation of your cars and due to difficulties of driving long distances many people hires car shipping companies to move their cars to Canada. The price they have to pay for car transportation services is very minute compare to the money they would have spend on fuel so auto shipping is the choice of many people when they are moving.

Not many people know that not all shipping companies of USA provide services for transporting companies to Canada. This is because many companies are limited to providing car transportation services inside country to domestic movers only. Moving cars across the border requires extra documentation by customers and authorizations by auto moving companies. First thing to transport cars to Canada is to find companies that are authorized to move vehicles across the border. Get quotes from these companies, compare them, and select the company that you think is best for your particular needs of car transportation. After selecting a company, contact them and they will ask you about the size of the vehicle, its make, and its type to make sure that they have appropriate transport your car to Canada. This step is necessary for large vehicle that do not fit into regular trucks like €Hummer€ vehicles.

The next question they will ask you is about your schedule of moving so that they can check whether they can move your vehicle in the same dates. You may need to be flexible in these dates as it is not always possible for car shipping companies to move your vehicles exactly in the time you want. They will collect your vehicle in the days you mention and prepare it for transportation.

You are expected to follow the instructions given by the company like taking your personal processions out of the car and leaving little fuel in the tank of the car for loading and unloading to transport truck.

Important Tips for Classic Car Transport

Transportation of a classic car is very different from that of an ordinary car. A common vehicle does not require any special treatment and having it repaired is relatively cheap. On the contrary moving an exotic vehicle requires a lot of professionalism and care. In case anything goes wrong, the owner has to spend a fortune on repairs. Fortunately you can easily avoid these problems by hiring an enclosed auto transport company. An enclosed trailer not only saves the contained vehicles from dust and debris but also from unfavorable weather conditions like hail storms, rains and excessive sunlight. During transportit you can rest assured that your beloved car will be delivered to its destination without any scratches or dents. Despite of all its great benefits an enclosed auto transport firm might not be enough for the safety of your automobile. This article will teach you the exact strategy that you need to adopt in order to prevent a damages.

Choosing an appropriate company is the most important thing. First of all you should make sure that the company you choose holds lots of experience in classic car transport. Just having the necessary hardware is not enough. Most companies mention years of experience and other important details on their website. In addition to experience your company should also have a license to move expensive vehicles. On the internet there are many review websites that can help you do the required research.

As I have already mentioned, having an exotic vehicle repaired can be very costly. That means you need a proper insurance policy. The coverage provided by auto transport companies might be enough for an ordinary car but when it comes to very expensive vehicles, buying a separate policy is highly recommended.

When a vehicle is being transported it is vulnerable to a lot of damage. Shorter is the time of transportation lesser are the chances of anything bad happening to your car. By paying some extra fees you can minimize the delivery time. Similarly when a person opts for terminal to terminal transportation his vehicle is kept at a local parking lot for several days prior to transportation. As you can imagine, this can be very risky. That is why door to door auto transportation is the recommended method for expensive cars.

There are many other strategies as well, but the the most important ones have been covered. By following all the tips mentioned in this article you can ensure the safe delivery of your valuable vehicle.

Grand Canyon National Park Chopper & Plane Trip Offers for Halloween Weekend

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect occasion for taking a little vacation. A unique way to celebrate is to take an air tour of the Grand Canyon that departs from Vegas or Arizona. You can fly by airplane or helicopter, and there are several options to add. That makes it easy to find a fun tour that fits with your interests and budget.

The Best Helicopter Air Tours

Flights run all year around, except for Christmas Day, so you don’t need to worry about special schedules over Halloween. If you’re flying from the Vegas area, then flights will leave from The Strip, nearby Boulder City, or Henderson. If you’ll be in Arizona instead, then departing from Tusayan is more convenient since the airport in Tusayan is near the gates at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

One reason you may prefer to book a Vegas tour over a Tusayan tour is that the flights that depart from Vegas are allowed to land at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Air tours are great, and they offer unrivaled sightseeing, but landing gives you something a little extra that you won’t find anywhere else. You can choose to land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the top, or even both. At the bottom you could indulge in a Champagne picnic or even a Colorado River tour, whereas the top of the Canyon has the famous Skywalk. The Skywalk is a world-famous glass bridge that juts out over the canyon, about 4000 feet above the Canyon floor. You will feel as if you’re walking on air when you step out onto the platform. Tickets to the Skywalk attraction can be added to your West Rim air tour package.

The flights that depart from Arizona aren’t allowed to land on the Canyon, but they make up for it in the beautiful scenery you’ll see on a tour. There are two Grand Canyon flights available from Tusayan. One is a 30 minute journey, while the other is closer to an hour. The longer tour is the better option since you get to fly to the North Rim as well as the eastern edge of the park. The longer tour lets you see the scenic views and wilderness areas of the South Rim, North Rim, and eastern park boundary, in fact, it flies over about 75 percent of the entire park.

Choosing Between Deluxe And Basic

You can book a basic or deluxe air tour of the Grand Canyon. The basic tours are great, they just fly on older-style choppers. These helicopters offer safe sightseeing with great visibility, but they’re no longer state of the art.

If you want the best experience possible, then you will have to book a deluxe tour. The tours use EcoStar 130 choppers. They have roomier cabins and you’ll be a lot more comfortable during your tour. They have a massive windscreen for the ultimate in panoramic views, plus, the seats are arranged so there is no bad seat with obstructed views. The deluxe Vegas tours depart conveniently from the Strip and you’ll be picked up and dropped off in a limo. Basic tours depart from just outside of Vegas, and use standard shuttle services.

Touring By Airplane

You could tour by airplane instead, and if you choose a plane tour of the South Rim, your airplane will follow the same route as the tour helicopters. The difference with these tours is that they fly higher than helicopters, so the view you get isn’t as close. Still, the plane tours are fun, and they are ideal if you’re traveling with a group since they hold nineteen passengers. Airplane tours also cost less than both basic and deluxe helicopter tours, so if you’re flying on a budget, you should seriously consider taking an airplane.


So consider your options. Deluxe or basic? Airplane or helicopter? North Rim, or South Rim? With so many fantastic Grand Canyon flights, it can be hard to choose. Start with a departure location close to you and buy the best package you can afford. Booking a tour with a fun perk like a champagne picnic on the canyon floor is something you’ll never forget.

Since Halloween is almost here, you need to book your tour now. You can book your tour online for the biggest selection in tour options and discounts so you can create a tour package for a Halloween you’ll never forget.